As of October 1, 2015, WA Labor is operating under a new membership fee structure. This fee structure was established in the WA Labor rules by WA Labor's 2014 State Conference.

Under this new fee structure, WA Labor members must pay:

1. An initial annual fee (flat rate for all members)
2. Additional monthly payments (rates according to income)

Deductions for union membership and concessions will be deducted from initial annual fees. The initial annual fee is used for the purposes of determining join date and continuity under the WA Labor rules.

Members applying through the physical form may choose to pay their additional monthly payments up front with their annual fee.

Members paying by Cheque or Cash MUST pay the full annual amount (annual fee + 12 monthly payments) up front, and must use the physical form.

These amounts are:

Annual Income Combined Yearly Payments
Under $25,000 $25
$25,000-$50,000 $61
$50,000-$75,000 $109
Over $75,000 $169
Concession card holders Deduct $5
Affiliated union members Deduct $5

Please Note: Payment rates are set annually by WA Labor's State Executive and are subject to change. We will inform you of changes in rates before further payments are processed.

Cancelling payments:

WA Labor will continue taking payments (the initial annual fee each January and monthly contributions early each month) until cancellation is requested in writing (including by email).